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Kuna Glacier circa 1975

The Kuna Glacier circa 1975. It no longer looks like this.

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"Face it Tim, we’ve broken the sky, and we will have to pay for it.", Martin Cohen

  • Quaternary Geographer
  • Professional Cartographer/Remote Sensing Analyst
  • Park Ranger
  • Database Application Developer (Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc)
  • HTML, CSS, PHP and most recently Drupal Designer
  • Retail Grunt
  • Mark Twain Aficionado

North America: 1895 - The Pacific Northwest

Tue, 12/08/2015 - 12:56 -- scott

Mark Twain and company complete the journey from Elmira, New York to the Pacific Ocean, in preparation for his around the world tour. He speaks in Portland, Oregon, Olympia, Washington and Tacoma, Seattle, Whatcom, which became Bellingham, and Vancouver, British Columbia. The entire Pacific Northwest was envolped in smoke from forest fires and Mark suffered from respiratory problems. He visits one more city, Victoria, British Columbia, to speak and depart on the voyage to Australia.

Maria McManus, Wet Nurse

Thu, 12/03/2015 - 01:48 -- scott

An excerpt from Autobiography of Mark Twain, volume 3. Maria McManus was Clara Clemens' wet nurse until she was weaned. In a later reference Twain wrote "give her all the beer and whisky and brandy and tobacco and green fruit and lemon-pie she might want, and turn her loose on the nursery, and have no solicitude about the results.:

North America: 1895 - Skykomish to Tacoma

Sat, 11/28/2015 - 14:29 -- scott

Mark Twain and his party complete their journey to the Pacific on this leg from Skykomish to Tacoma. The railroad terminus was Seattle followed by a steamboat ride to Tacoma. This video explores the histories of Snohomish, Index, Monroe and Everett. We ponder the loses of the native Americans with the Treaty of Point Elliot and marvel at the performance of the fast little steamboat called The Flyer of Puget Sound.

North America: 1895 - Spokane to the Cascades Switchbacks

Mon, 11/02/2015 - 23:04 -- scott

Taking credit, or at least the money, for James Fennimore Cooper's literary offenses; Great Northern Railway equipment, club life along the journey; Harrington, Washington; the Channeled Scablands and Missoula Floods; Wilson Creek, a railway division point; Wild Horse herds in Ephrata; Packing for travel and shaving; the Rock Island Bridge, boon and bane; Wenatchee Valley, once a salmon fishery; Leavenworth and the Tumwater Canyon Route; Pullman Carbuncles.

North America: 1895 - Missoula to Spokane

Tue, 10/13/2015 - 13:55 -- scott

Mark Twain and party travel on the Northern Pacific Railway from Missoula, Montana to Spokane, Washington, through Idaho. We hear about the Arlee Pow Wow, the Missoula floods and Clara plays a Chopin nocturne. Mark still shows his bigotry towards American Indians by his annoyance with "squaws" foraging and begging in the back streets of Spokane.


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